Land Buying Guide

Pancharatna Ventures Private Ltd offers free consultation & procedural help for pre & post sales operations.

We hold experience of over 5 years where we have helped over 200+ families invest in plots & help them build their dream farmhouses.

In the growing network of land plotting & development across various localities in and around Pune & Mumbai there are also certain processes that need to be followed for an individual before buying a plot for a healthy & clean transaction to avoid any fraudulent circumstances.

1) Enquiry :

Once an enquiry form is filled by the client our team will get in touch with them within 24-48hours.

2) Office Visit & Site Visit :

Counseling : Pancharatna Ventures as an organization started in 2017 & have been successfully counseling clients for agricultural plot investment opportunities in and around Pune & Mumbai.
– The ideal step for any interested client would be to visit our office or the ongoing projects / site to know more details in person where our team can help the client
with a suitable plot according to his budget and plot size expectations.
– We also have an inhouse team of architects & contractors who help you with
building your own house

3) Project details to know:

– Category of Plot :
– Location details
– Project Size
– Plot sizes
– Amenities provided
– Development plan & completion plan
– Commercial proposition

4) Document verification :

– As an individual buyer there are certain steps that are recommended to be followed which are:

1. Search Report : A search report traces the history of a property – who was the original owner of the property and how it has moved hands over a period of time before reaching the present seller.

2. 7/12 : 7/12 Extract or Record of Rights is the extract from the land records register held by the Revenue Department of Government of  Maharashtra. 7/12 extracts contain complete information about land property in rural areas. While property cards are related to land property in urban areas.

Ferfar is a legal document issued by the Maharashtra Government which contains details about all the transactions which have taken place for a piece of land in the state. Ferfar is also known as a land mutation record in the state of Maharashtra.

5) Legal Drafting & Sale Deed:

Company draft : Post all enquiries & project synopsis ,we as Pancharatna ventures provide a company draft pertaining the entire project details with our terms and conditions for the buyer to go through and accept to proceed.

– Post draft scrutiny by the client’s legal team we proceed with a signature & acceptance to the sale deed.

– Sale deed document will have details mentioned

A) Plot number according to the layout
B) Plot size
C) Boundaries of the plot
D) Details of the ex owner
E) Payment details & schedule

6) Closure:

– An original copy of the sale deed is shared with the land owner once the entire payment is received for the dedicated plot.
– Possession of the plot
– Online 7/12 : Client can check the sale of the plot post 21 days of the sale deed
online on the government website.

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